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The Fall 2022 gymnastics session is ready to begin.

Classes will take place for 7 weeks on Monday evenings, beginning on Sept 19th and running until Nov 14. There is no class scheduled on Thanksgiving and Halloween. There will be a total of 7 classes and the last night will be the recital. The recital will take place on Nov 14th and is open to all who wish to attend. More information will follow in November. The recital is the only class in which spectators or parents are permitted to observe.

Payment can be made the day of the first class in cash or cheque made out to the St. Adolphe Community Club. There will be a $5 late fee applied per week, per child for each week the payment is late.
If this is your first time registering, it is important to know that all classes except the recital are parents and spectator free. Families are welcome to wait outside the room or down stairs. On the last class, kids are encouraged to bring whomever they wish!

Participants are asked to have used the washroom prior to the start of class. Please help us by having them go before they start!

Class Times:

Sept 19 – Nov 14th

5:30-6:00. Ages 2-3
6:00-6:30 Ages 4-6

The cost is: $65.00
Cheques are to be made out to the St. Adolphe Community Club.
Payment is due the first class.

Pioneer Hall in the St. Adolphe Community Club


-Please make sure that your child wears clothing that allows him or her to move freely. Jeans are not acceptable attire for class. Also please avoid long pants as the children tend to trip on them.

-Please ensure that all jewellery is removed prior to class and that longhair is tied up. Stud earrings are fine.

-Barefoot is best.

-Class goes by very quickly. We can get a lot more done when we can get down to business! You can help by making sure that your child arrives wearing their gymnastics attire, bringing a bottle of water, and having used the bathroom prior to class.

-If you know that your child will be missing a class, please let me know.

-Please consider labelling your children’s clothing and footwear. Last year we had some mixups with the wrong clothing / footwear was taken home after class.

-Parents are welcome to wait on the main floor lobby during class or come back after it is finished.

-The first day is always quite busy. If you have any questions I can help with prior to the start of the session, I would be happy to help.

-If this is your first session, classes take place on the second floor of the skating rink. Because it is a community Center, we do not have sprung floors or the standard gymnastics structures, just portable, mini equipment. We use mats on the hardwood floor. Classes of all levels have a strong focus on team work, turn taking, gross motor control, strength and flexibility.


To sign up please email the coach directly with your child’s name, age, and the class you are requesting.

Spaces are limited. Register early to guarantee your spaces are saved.

As always, the spaces are first come, first served. Feel free to forward this information to others who may be interested.

Instructor Profile:
Karley Fontaine (Van Den Bussche) has been a coach for the St. Adolphe Community Club since January 2006. She has instructed many sessions in St. Adolphe since that time and has coached more than 1000 children. Some highlights related to gymnastics are as follows:

  • Master Degree in Occupational Therapy, Medical Rehabilitation with experience working with children of all abilities
  • Gymnast at Aerials and Premier
  • Twelve years of provincial level competitive cheerleading (stunting) experience (Premier, Green Jackets, Central Cheer)
  • Coach of St. Norbert Immersion and Collegiate’s competitive cheerleading teams (2003-2006)
  • Eight Provincial championships for cheerleading, National Runner up 2008, 2010, 2011 and International competitions including two 2nd place trophies
  • Dance training from RWB and Monica’s Danz Gym (Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Salsa)
  • Extensive acro yoga training
  • Part of the Momentum Aerial and Acrobatic Troupe that represented Manitoba in Canadian Gymnaestrada in Calgary (2014)
  • Part of team Canada for the FIG (Fédération Internationale de gymnastique) and PAGU (Pan American Games Union) at the World Gymnaestrada in Finland (2015)
  • Stunting Coach for the 2018 (Vancouver) and 2019 (Austria)Momentum teams
  • Fluent French, English, Conversational in American Sign Language